We all love to read…



…even the littlest ones…

This is the first thing Happy did this morning when we came downstairs.

I absolutely love reading, and even more, I love seeing the kids enjoying it as well. They have not yet turned down the offer of a story to be read (not that they wait to be asked). I usually have to convince them to do something else just so I might sorta-kinda get something down around here; therefore, we spend a lot of time reading.

Our library is steadily growing, and we are just as quickly running out of bookshelves. There are books all over the place, and it is not at all unusual to find the kids looking at books somewhere by themselves or with their siblings or carrying them around. Love it.

There is something about holding a book in your hand. Getting comfy, and settling in for a good read. With three little ones in the house, I do not get the opportunity that often, but oh, when I do, it’s so much fun!

I hope this love of books will continue to grow, and out of it, a love of learning that will not grow old…

One thought on “We all love to read…

  1. Beautiful. It’s so sad that generally, I think, more and more parents are not reading with their children. We never stop reading in our house and we’re running out of bookshelves too

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